About me

I am Dr. Antonio Flores, General Surgeon with Advanced Expertise in Endoscopy

Hello! I want to inform you that, in addition to my specialties, I am certified by the Mexican Council of General Surgery and am a member of the College of Surgeons of the State of Sonora. Likewise, I stay updated and participate in training in Bariatric Surgery, implementing technologies such as the use of Covidien staples for Gastric Sleeve, the Olympus Endoscope, and even the Striker equipment for minimally invasive procedures.


Get to know my credentials in detail: studies, certifications, memberships, training, and technology.

  • General Medicine at the Autonomous University of Campeche.
  • General Surgery at IMSS (Endorsed by the Autonomous University of Yucatán).
  • Advanced Specialization in Endoscopy at the General Hospital of the State of Sonora (Endorsed by the University of Sonora).
  • Mexican Council of General Surgery.
  • College of Surgeons of the State of Sonora.
  • Training in Bariatric Surgery by the FAMIS Academy in Tijuana.
  • Endoscopic Procedures (Olympus Endoscope).
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery through Laparoscopy (Striker Equipment).
  • Use of Covidien stapling for Gastric Sleeve.

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